Dream Big & Plan Ahead!

On its 21st year, GMA7 Employees’ Multi-Purpose Cooperative (GEMPC) completed its first level-up, brain-squeezing but fulfilling Strategic Planning Session.

The two-day session was attended by the BOD and Officers with keyCoop employees who are directly involved with the financial and business operations of the Coop. There were also some members present to provide guidance and clarity on financial management. Pre-work activities were also undertaken to ensure focus among attendees and that objectives of the two-day planning session are successfully met.

The results – the attendees were able to formulate Coop’s new Vision, Mission and Values which are critical in determining our plans. The Member-Customer Value Proposition was also developed followed by formulation of objectives for the following areas - financial, member-customer, internal business processes and organizational capacity.

Vision – “A world-class cooperative in the broadcast Industry by 2025

Mission - “We provide excellent financial products and relevant services to improve the economic and social well-being of members, employees and their families”.

With a total asset of over half a billion pesos, GEMPC mustmaintain and sustainits stability and protect the overall interest of the members by focusing in achieving the following strategic results - (1) full automation of coop operations and financial transactions; (2) financially literate membersand educated on Coop values, principles and philosophies; and (3) products and services that cater to the needs of the members.

The current and future officersand management personnel will be guided by the following new set of values– (G) God-centeredness, (E) excellence, (M) mutual respect, (P) passion, (C) competitiveness, (O) openness, (O) optimism and (P) professionalism in achieving the strategic results critical in realizing our new vision and to stay true and committed to our new mission.

This Strategic Planning Session was facilitated by the National Confederation of Cooperatives (NATCCO) headed by Ms.Daisybelle M. Cabal, CPA, Ms. Sharon Maries S. Dy, CPA, Ms. Leslie dR. Esternon, MBM, CPA and Ms. Roxanne L. Sajonas. NATCCO is accredited by the Cooperative Development Authority (CDA) as consultant and training provider to billionaire, millionaire and small cooperatives in the country.

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